EcoChic Design Award

Noëlla Tapasu Koy

Noëlla Tapasu Koy

The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 finalist


Since participating in The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15, Noëlla Tapasu Koy has resumed her position as a fashion designer for a brand in France while she continues to develop her sustainable brand, Norst, which focuses on up-cycling end-of-roll textiles sourced from Africa. She has an Environment & Fashion Design degree from École de Condé in Nancy, France.

Noëlla draws on the mythological Chinese icon Nuwa, a half-woman and half-snake Goddess, for inspiration for her The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 collection. Noëlla used the sustainable design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction onto her textile waste source, comprising leftover African textiles and end-of-roll textiles sourced from French markets and secondhand clothing. The result is a collection that includes asymmetric and sleeveless designs, which are unified by a wide colour palette.

I'm African and raised with two cultures, and so it’s important for me to give back to my country what it gave to me. I want to do my best to help sustainable development including sustainable fashion. Why? Because sustainable fashion creates jobs, conserves natural resources and thereby creates a closer relationship between politicians and citizens.An old French proverb says « everything is good in the pig » which means when you kill a pig everything can be used and there is no waste. It's the same for fashion. There is no waste, just fabrics awaiting a second wind to become an exceptional piece. Modern fashion needs this type of sustainable idea. - Noëlla Tapasu Koy